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fierce lady friends

We All Need a Few Fierce Lady Friends

 Isn’t it true that it’s better to have a few friends that would protect you, laugh with you, and cry with you than a whole room full of people who disappear when life gets hard. Being honest and having friends to talk to is so important. Someone who understands you.Someone who really does believe you are capable, and amazing. The ones who can see the light within you even on your darkest days, they see the light shining through.  And while most of us won’t have to consider laying down our lives for our friends, you likely make sacrifices for your friends and them for you. Maybe you dropped everything to go help them when they were sick or kept their kids for the weekend so they could recharge and get a night away with their husband.   Read more…

Go Do What Makes Your Come Alive

When we are young adults, many of us have ideas of what we will do or at least we saw a path we will follow. It may or may not be a path we envisioned for ourselves, but none the less it is a path we may follow. Often we continue down the path to […] Read more…

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