gift of friends

Summer, summer, summertime…

Oh how I love Summer. Everything about it.  I know the ninety degree days, with enough humidity to keep your skin damp even after the sun goes down is not the time of year everyone loves, but for me summer is about longer days, and more time with family and friends.

It’s a time for cookouts out back, and days spent in the pool or at the beach.  A time for strawberry shortcake and berry cobblers; it’s a time for lemonade and fresh BLT sandwiches for lunch.

When I hear the sounds of laughter more often, and the schedules are a bit more relaxed.  When there is less rushing around and more playing and games. When there is more time for friends, and impromptu gatherings and weekend adventures and evening bike rides.

It’s funny some of our friends and acquaintances see pictures of all the things my family and I do over summer, and they say wow you stay busy and do so much.  For me, every week and month, is an opportunity to fit in experiences, and adventures and time with friends.  So yes I fill our schedules with outings, and days at the beach, a cook out with friends, or camping weekends, it is because I love life and I know we are only given the gift of this life once.

And my kids are growing up quickly, my oldest will be off to college in 3 years, I am racing the clock to adulthood with him and yes I am selfish and want to fit in as much as I can with my kids before they are on to college and building a life of their own.

And for the record, we do have nights in, and days doing chores at home, but I live for my time with my friends, and people in our lives.  I even make the most of the time my kids are at soccer practice by walking or jogging with other moms during the practices- we are visiting, and exercising and strengthening our communities and I love those nights.

What I am trying to say is, get outside and take a bike ride with you son or daughter, or your spouse.  Go fishing or swimming in the lake.  The laundry can wait, and dinner can be a sandwich and carrots and a piece or fruit.  Cook less this summer so you can enjoy your family.  ask your kids what they want to do (give them boundaries like it has to be free or something we can do nearby).  Stop by a farmer’s market or produce stand and cook dinner with the ingredients you pick up.

I know life is busy and stressful, and yes messy, but we are here to connect, and love and experience life in all its beauty and joy, not spend our days cleaning, and working, and carpooling (although yes we have to do some of that too).

Seriously, every single day we get to be here, to experience time with our loved ones, and be surrounded by love and joy is a gift.   Find ways to refocus yourself to remembering EVERY SINGLE DAY IS A GIFT- go out and live each day as the gift it is.

Here’s to more beautiful days filled with goodness, and helping, and laughs.  Here is to remembering to live today as the gift it is.   Love to you all.  Kristin

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