When we are young adults, many of us have ideas of what we will do or at least we saw a path we will follow. It may or may not be a path we envisioned for ourselves, but none the less it is a path we may follow. Often we continue down the path to a better job or a promotion, to the bigger salary or larger office. But as we continue down the career path, many of us start to wonder what we are doing or we stay in our jobs because of the job security or the big paycheck.

Most of us have been programed to think more about having a reliable income and stability than if we are living out our purpose. We are told to save money for a rainy day and for retirement, and those are all important things to do, but after hearing these messages for so long, many of us find ourselves in a job or career because we started down a career path and never tried a new path even when we felt the desire to do something else.

The question I have found myself repeating in my head  is, “Am I on the right path? Am I using my gifts and talents? Do I become Alive when I work? Am I excited to do my job? ” I have been somewhat fortunate because several years ago I left a corporate job (although I did thoroughly enjoy it) to be more available to my kids and also launch my own business.   It’s given me an opportunity to stretch my wings and explore new focuses.

There are days I still ask myself, “am I where I am supposed to be? Am I doing what I was meant to do?”  And I realize, I am working towards doing what I am supposed to do and that is very exciting and refreshing. I was struck by this quote by Gil Bailie and have it posted in my office to remind me how important it is to live in the present moment, and be fully present in our lives. Both in our relationships, personal lives, in what we do for work, and how we spend our time.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Do you feel alive at work? If not, what makes you come alive? Is it sharing music, or speaking or teaching 2nd graders. Or is to help feed more kids in America who don’t have enough to eat? Whatever it is are you moving towards the thing that makes you come alive in the work you do and in your personal life?

I have found my self in a place I see so many friendsgoing through- they seem defeated, and beaten down. I don’t see the sparkle in their eye for life or work even though they are blessed beyond measure, as am I. My life is full of love, and family and friends. It is full of the important things but it is easy to focus on the wrong things, and let that stress get to you.  We all need to remember life is about the people we share it with, helping others, and finding work that makes us come alive, and a thankful attitude.

Here are 5 things to help you focus on what wakes you up and makes you want to get out of bed and get going every day.

  1. Focus on the Right Things

Life is much more than the work we do.  We must remember that life’s most fulfilling aspects are the love we share with others.   To remember all we have to be thankful and grateful for.   Our interests will change, and as we have new experiences we may begin to uncover areas that we feel drawn to do.

2. Make it about the Relationships

Hope each of you finds the work whether in your everyday responsibilities, through volunteering or a job that makes you come alive.  That even on the days when your exhausted, you feel fulfilled and complete.   However, life was meant to be lived in communities and through shared experiences.   I hope you put more time and energy into the relationships in your life that matter.  Remember when we have a strong, trusted relationships   and faith in the Lord,

3. Have a Greatful Heart and Attitude Toward All You Do

We all go through ups and downs, good and bad days, but by focusing on the good things in our life and having a grateful heart makes life so much richer.  Regardless of the work or job you have right now, we can all make the most of the job.  If you are drawn to helping people, and your job drains you try focusing on your customers, or co-workers, how can you focus on how you help them to energize you instead of the tasks that drain you?   Part of life is figuring out how to handle the hard days, the long days and the days that seem to deflate you.  Well with a heart toward helping and serving others usually the day feels shorter, a bit easier, and worthwhile.

4. Slow Down

We can get so busy we don’t even consider what makes us come alive.  We overlook the things we are naturally drawn to, the things that come easy to us, and the things we spend our free time doing.  We have become a society of doing too much, and running on empty.  But think back to simpler days,  people focused on 1 thing whether it was a farmer, a wife,   a blacksmith, or other job.  Most people did not go from one job, the the next, then to coaching, and writing a blog a night.  We are overtaxed.  Take a step back and see how you can pair down a few things.  It will allow you to do your work or caring better.  It will allow you to find more satisfaction in your role when we value what we do more.

5. Keep a Journal

Write in your journal daily about what things you did that day you enjoyed, or found yourself spending time on. For instance, do you find you enjoy cooking, or playing the guitar, or you are constantly reading about  natural health alternatives?   The things you enjoy doing or find yourself drawn to may help you see a new area you may pursue, whether as a hobby or as a way to make money.  And take note of the things are your job that you seem to excel at easily, the things you get pumped up to do or when you finish. And note the things that drained you.  We will all have to do tasks we don’t enjoy in our jobs or at home, but if we understand the ones that awaken us, it is much easier to make sure we focus on those things or at least move towards doing more of those things and less of the things we struggle with and drain us.

For instance,  I am fairly good at problem solving certain technical problems for clients, but I’ve found over time it actually drains me and only makes me feel exhausted.  I am no longer drawn to that side of things so now I try and minimize working on those types of problems.

Go out and live a life that makes you come alive by spending time with the people that lift you up, with scripture that strengths you, with activities that energize you, and with work that fulfills you.

Go Out and Live,



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