Invite Your Friends in even when Your House is Messy

Host A dinner

” Take every opportunity to open your life and home to others.”

Romans 12:13

Hosting others when your house is less than perfect.  You see it is easy to invite friends or neighbors over when your house is spotless, when it looks like a model home.   It’s easy when we feel content with our space, when our guests compliment us on our tidy, comfortable home.  But when our house still has dishes to be put away, when we still have laundry to fold, and when we still have a trail of toys going up the stairs, this is when our invitation allows us to invite others in even when we feel uncomfortable with the untidiness.  When we feel humbled by the mess and allow ourselves to walk through that discomfort to open the door and say ‘you are always welcome- no matter what’.

Not just when the house is perfect, and the food is delicious, and my kids are cleaned up, and I feel together, no you are welcomed in even during the moments of chaos, even during the moments of weakness, even during the messiness of daily life, you are welcomed in- even in my mini crisis because that is what love does.  Loves trumps the discomfort, the embarrassment, the expectations we put on ourselves and each other to appear that we have it all together.  We were not meant to come together in our perfect moments, we are meant to come together through all of life’s moments.

I am guilty of this.  If a friend says she is stopping by and I have little messes throughout the house, I go into a Tasmanian devil spin trying to collect the piles, tidy up the dishes, and do a 10 min clean up.  I literally hold my breath as I see how much I can get done before my guest arrives. Why?  I live in a home with 4 other people and things don’t always get put away, and because our dish washer stopped working four months ago so dishes sit to dry all sprawled out across my counter tops.

Sometimes our pride, or ego gets in the way of just being honest and saying, ‘look the house is a mess but we want to spend time with you so come over and excuse the mess’.  We should not have to say, “don’t judge me” and we should expect our friends won’t be judging us.  And let’s be honest- some of us don’t have the gift of keeping our homes immaculate or organized.

So please, invite friends and family over often and don’t let your busyness, or little piles or messy floors stop you.  Sure straight up a little, wipe down the counters but don’t stress about it.  Just invite them in- and you don’t always have to make it fancy, or cook a whole meal- you can order pizza, or eat leftovers, or invite them for dessert or for an appetizer and drinks.  There are no rules you must follow.  The only one that counts is making time for the people you love and being open to new friendships.

Remember we are meant to live in communities and to be the support for others and they for us.  So invite them in, be real, be honest, find things to laugh about and enjoy each other’s company.

Here’s to stepping out even if your hesitant and inviting someone over this weekend.

In Mark Batterson’s book Chase the Lion he talks about an idea I love and fully believe.  Your favorite scripture, or the scripture that reaches you deep down and it hits you- that is likely the scripture of your life and friends I’m here to tell you one the the biggest scriptures for my life is the one below.  What scripture speaks to your heart?  If you haven’t found it yet let me know and I am happy to share a few on my favorites.

“Take every opportunity

to open your life and

home to others.”

Romans 12:13

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