become a writer- have courage

I understand how scary it is to make the decision to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to go deep, to scrap your inner most feelings, and thoughts, to conjure back those memories that are still raw, or painful or to spin a tale and question whether it is worthy or ready for readers.

How true is this-  stories allowed one generation to pass on wisdom, and heritage, knowledge and legends to the next generation and so forth through telling stories.  And we all remember stories we read or were told as children.  Such as Peter Pan.

But deep down you know you have a passion bubbling up within you, a tiny voice saying- you need to share your words, to share your voice, to put pen to paper and share your true calling with the world.  So I say, don’t let fear control you any longer.   Make a plan, set a time each day and get writing-  get moving towards growing the craft you have yet to share.  We need you.  The World needs you.  You have something special and it needs to be shared.

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