A Letter to All Moms- We know the sacrifices You Make

moms- how to serve your familyMost of the moments of being a mom are the unseen moments that will never been mentioned, or recognized, or even acknowledged but know you are never alone.

Moms make sacrifices our kids never know about- the early mornings or late nights finishing a costume, or running out to get milk or a teachers gift, it’s the worry and prayers for our childrens’ safety and health, it’s the sleepless nights from the the time we bring tiny babies home to the nights our grown children are out in the world going through adult sized struggles, it’s the meals we get on the table, and the folded clothes, and cleaning the floors, it’s the checking up on them, and guiding them the best we can, but feeling the great big responsibility to raise up a child into a beautiful human being and knowing we will often feel we fall short, knowing we will have moments of weakness and frustration, but through it all we will feel unfathomable love for these little people we call our son or daughter.

Mommas, we know all you do. And one day when your children are grown, they may begin to understand too. But even if they never do the rest of us mommas know what goes into raising a child or children. We know the work is never done, and the worry never leaves us.

We know that all the sacrifies are worth the enormous love we feel for those little ones we raise up to big people. We also know that sometimes its difficult, and we will all have days that hurt our hearts, days that bring us to our knees, and days we feel completely alone during a crisis, we may have moments we don’t like the the person we see our child acting like but we know deep down its a stage, or temporary and we’ll get through it. And sometimes, we’ll look back at our behavior and wish we had handled our child or a situation differently, we’ve all had those days.  The ones we wish we could get a redo on.

Well, don’t forget mommas, there is a whole community of women just like you going through the same things and doing their best. Our highs and lows might look diferrent, and the challenges we are faced with and our children’s needs might be different, but we are all moms.

Remember that we all work hard- back breaking hard to care for, love and keep those babies safe. And we all feel that sometimes we are in it alone, but remember we are all going through this thing we call motherhood.

It’s the most exhilerating, life-changing journey we’ll take and that if we remember to be a community we will always support each other. So mommas, don’t forget you are doing an amazing job, even on your lowest days and that we know the hard, loving work you do. Keep loving those babies, and focusing on the care and support you give those ones and be a little easier on yourself.   Keep doing this most important work, and keep loving not only your children, but yourself.


With love from another momma,


photo credit -london-scout from unsplash.com






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