There is nothing ordinary about a Thursday, or any day of the week for the that matter.  Just this morning, as I walked my youngest son to school, as I watched him rush in the door as the morning mist of rain dotted my clothes and the dampness of the dark, wet morning gave me a chill, I just stopped.  I watched him intently as he walked down the sidewalk and I felt myself smile and my heart fill.

Wow- he is mine, he is lovely.

He fills my heart with joy.  On that ordinary Thursday morning, I remembered no moment is ever just ordinary.  Every moment is an opportunity to see the joy, to see the love, to see the grace someone has given us or to see the moments we are giving those things to someone else.

You see it only takes us slowing down, or pausing in the busyness of our days to find the beautiful, to see the gifts of each moment, to feel the goodness that is all around us just waiting for us to scoop up, to fill our hearts.  But we have to stop, or pause, we have to take in the moments, and more importantly, we have to take in the people who fill our days and see those interactions as opportunities for tiny messages to whisper to us- each of these moments are notes, love notes that begin to make a song, a beautiful melody of music we can only hear if we slow down to invite the beauty, and love, kindness and grace of this world, through Jesus’ example into our lives and hearts.

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