Why Writers should spend time reading

Why Writers Should Spend Time Reading

I remember a class I took in graduate school taught by Professor Perry and what stuck with me was that her first known, published novel came out I believe after she was forty and she said, she read, and read, and read and to become a great writer you must read because through reading you […] Read more…

get kids off electronics

Where did the kids go? Into the digital playground?

It’s a warm Fall evening.  I am out walking our large golden lab, TJ, through our neighborhood and I feel something is missing.  There are sounds I wonder why I never hear, or sights I do not see, day after day, that I remember from my own childhood.  Occasionally I spot a few neighbors walking […] Read more…

spread on love- daily inspiration

Spread on Love

  It’s funny, lately I have been thinking about loving on people by spreading on the love much like you’d spread the peanut butter onto bread to make a pb&j.  I guess because the visual of spreading the peanut butter  over and over to cover the bread makes me think of how we need love […] Read more…

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