writers share your truth

I love this quote by Ann Lamotte,

Write Straight into the emotional center of things.  Write towards vulnerability.

Tell the truth as you understand it.  If you’re a writer you have a moral obligation to do this.  And it is a revolutionary act- truth is always subversive.

Isn’t it the truth that great writing is honest, and often raw.  The best writers do not necessarily have the most poetic prose but instead hit a nerve inside of us, their words pull at our heart strings, or make us confront the truth within us that we may never share with another human being because we are ashamed, or embarrassed or it’s too painful to talk about.  But in that moment, when we read the truth in the words on the page, we know all too intimately the reason we are drawn to the story or the author’s words- it is because we feel the same but were not ready to share our truth.

The goal for us, as writers is to tell the truth the way we see it- whether you are writing a personal blog, or humor column, or a fiction novel or covering the political elections (God help you).  You must be willing to tell your story, or share your opinion or the facts the way you see it.  Do not change your words to sugar coat the truth, or make the honesty of the topic G rated.   Don’t cleanse your words or the story because it’s too much for most of us to handle.  If it’s the truth, if it’s the words you must share, then tell them, tell the story the way it needs to be shared.

Here are a few simple ideas to live by as a writer:

Be Honest

Be Real

Keep Working at Your Craft

Don’t Hide Your Words- Share them with an audience

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