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We are all artists.  It does not matter what form your art takes.  Whether it be through painting, or photography, a poem, or story, whether it is through storytelling or sculpture.  What matters is that art is made and that someone is touched or moved by it.

In a split second art has the power to take you on a journey, or inspire a deep emotion to rise up within you. Art can stop you from taking a step forward, or from finishing a thought; it can give you goose bumps or make you smile, or laugh.  It can make you angry or take you back to a time you fondly recall from childhood.  It is trans-formative.  It is emotional and it is personal.

Art inspires us.  It gives us a glimpse into something greater than our-self.   It is cathartic and healing.  It is telling and when words cannot tell the story a photo or painting can and when no picture can convey a journey- raw words on a page often take us to a place, to allow us to feel what the writer is experiencing.

Art is not just expressed through painting, or sketching, or poems, or songs.  Art is an expression of love.  Art is an expression of passion.  Art is an expression of struggle.  Art becomes an expression of light and hope.

A meal crafted by a chef with passion and love can be a form of art.  Art takes many forms, and only some of them involve paper, or canvas, pens or paints.  And why is art so breathtaking, so beautiful and moving?  Why does art seem bigger than life and often surreal?  Because art is inspired by nature, and the colors and enormity of the world around us.  It is inspired by our connections, by our relationships, by our joy and sometimes by our pain or torment.  But, truly it is inspired by God.

Our job as a writer is to use our tool of storytelling to share our experiences, or our story with others.  To inspire them, or allow them to escape reality for a little while.  It is to allow the reader to use their imagination, or to tap into the the depths of their emotions.

It is our responsibility to share our stories, and to share those stories and words with our children and the children around us.  Shower them with words that inspire them, and let them dream of places one can only imagine in the mind, and to give them hope through stories of people who have come before and fought for better times.  It’s our job to make sure the generations who come after us have access to books and stories that can open their eyes to new ideas, and learn about the past, to be given stories that stretch their imagination.

Do not get discouraged.  Remember why you feel compelled to write.  And who your story and your words are for, beyond yourself.  Your words will move someone, they will make a difference.  They may elicit hope, or allow the reader to connect with a new experience or perspective.

You see it is up to us, the writers, the artists among us, to do our craft, and share it.  It is up to us to share knowledge with the younger generations, and to share our love for our craft with them too.  Part of being an artist is sharing our love for the art we make with others.  Passing down the knowledge and the love for our work.  Much like a grandmother might teach her grand-daughter to cook family favorites- we must also pass down what we do so that our recipes, our words and craft won’t end with us.  And yes, while we may not have another writer in the family or a writer or artist of a similar sort, it is still up to us to share the love of books, and words, of art and music.  It is up to us.  It is up to us the artists among us.

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