Why Writers should spend time reading

I remember a class I took in graduate school taught by Professor Perry and what stuck with me was that her first known, published novel came out I believe after she was forty and she said, she read, and read, and read and to become a great writer you must read because through reading you begin to hone your own voice and by having many life experiences we have more to write about.

I’d go on to say that reading all sorts of books and written materials will stretch you, give you more depth and perspective and strengthen your own writing- read all sorts of books, if you are a fiction writer, read biographies and non-fiction, and fiction and if you are a non-fiction writer, read all types of books.


“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write;

a man will turn over half a library to write one book.”

Samuel Johnson

What are you reading these days?  Any books suggestions?

by Kristin Fitch


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