Kristin writes as a trusted friend- her honest words and positive outlook shines through the hard days on all that is beautiful in our chaotic lives and in the world even when we’ve forgotten because sometimes we need to be reminded of the beauty, love and blessings all around us.


I am an encourager trying to find my way in the world to encourage people, to offer them hospitality, and to let them know they matter, everything they do matters and I see them and I want to hear their stories. I believe people are beautiful on the inside and everyone has something to share with the world, especially those they love. I believe a home should be a place of friendship and fellowship, of shared meals and real conversations, a place to invite the uninvited in.

I want everyone I know to be happier, more fulfilled, and feed when they leave my home or our conversation. I love capturing the beauty of life in photographs and I love getting outside to paddle board, or hit the beach or mountains. I believe we were meant to love fiercely, explore our world, live in our communities, cook real meals, invite friends for a shared meal,and neighbors over to sit on our porches, and spread love and hope in the world.

Here’s to more beautiful adventures filled with love!

I am a tech entrepreneur, problem solver, creative thinker, writer, and lifestyle blogger. I am passionate about encouraging others to build or design great products, sites, content or offerings that help others and help them build lives they love. Besides tech, I love food, getting outdoors, time with family and friends, adventure and glamping. I hope you’ll join me and making every day a little better for you, your family and those around you. Make Life More Meaningful. Hugs- Kristin

Writer and Blogger

Kristin has been honing her writing skills for over 10 years and has written many posts for her own sites and many top sites across the web on topics from business, and entrepreneurship to parenting, food and recipes, to tech tips, starting an online business, and encouragement.

Kristin has been blogging for years  on motherhood, trends, things to do, encouragement for women, business tips and how tos.  But her passion is for encouraging others and taking photos.

She has spoke at countless conferences, and events- from Casual Connect- Casual Games Conference in San Francisco, to  Virginia State Small Business Development Center Conference, to Suffolk Leadership Conference, VBPS Parent Connection Conference, Start Up America- Norfolk Event, Start Norfolk, Hampton Leadership Workshop, My Website in a Day work


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