No one is injured in the strike, but everyone is aghast to see how the benign, rotund Homunculus has been changed by his fury, his mouth now a gaping maw extending down to his abdomen and lined with rib-like teeth. Unfortunately, no sooner has the real Ross been whisked away than Edward Elric appears on the scene, furious over both Mustang's earlier falsehood regarding Hughes' murder as well as Ross' apparent demise. Away from Central Command, Roy explains the night's revelations to his two horrified comrades. Seeing the sudden seriousness in all the generals' faces, Roy suddenly understands Hughes' warning about the military being in grave peril; rather than speaking of an external threat, Maes was trying to inform him that the danger was coming from every single member of High Command. Edward then reminds him of his goal and Mustang's temper subsides a little. In the manga storyline, Mustang is the first known human to completely kill a Homunculus and is even able to do so single handedly. He pulls up to the Elric brothers with Hawkeye and asks what exactly they are up to, taking them to a secluded alley where they can speak without being overheard. His father was an Amestrian traveller who fell in love with one of the Emperor's wives and they spent a night together. However, this angers him to the point of wanting to burn Edward for being the most popular. Though their meetings are fraught with a great deal of apparent, mutual dislike, Flame and Fullmetal hold a great deal of respect for one another and are compatriots as well as co-conspirators in the secret battle against the Homunculi. However, faced with the increasing frequency of border wars, Roy eventually left his teacher's charge and enrolled in the State Military Academy with the intent of becoming a State Alchemist and devoting himself to the protection of citizens caught in the crossfire of international struggles. Roy reluctantly gets into the car with Knox, Riza and Lan Fan while Ed, Al and Ling stay behind to deal with Gluttony, reminding the Colonel that the information he has gained today puts him one step closer to his goal if he acts on it immediately. Colonel Roy Mustang (ロイ・マスタング, Roi Masutangu), the "Flame Alchemist" (焔の錬金術師, Honō no Renkinjutsushi), is a State Alchemist and Edward's direct superior.He is promoted to Brigadier General at the end of the series and is a General in the epilogue. He comes off to most as a sort of cocky layabout, shirking most of his duties and delegating his paperwork to subordinates while sitting idly at his desk with an amused smile on his face as he procrastinates, but quick to take action when it appears that there is glory and military notoriety to be gained. Fearing that all the people close to him are beginning to die before he does, Mustang firms up his resolve and cuts a Flame Alchemy circle into the back of his hand. This brought him the notion that, to protect all people - and, in a way to redeem himself from the consequences of his naivité -, he would have to be at the very top of the military, sacrificing his own personal life. Having received word from Hawkeye that she has arrived at the safe house with a badly-injured ally, Roy picks up the Elric brothers and Dr. Knox in a second car and, making sure not to be followed, drives to the meeting place. A hero of the Ishval Civil War and Edward Elric's superior officer, Colonel Mustang is a remarkably capable commander who plans to become the next Führer of Amestris. In Chapter 107, he joins the fight with Riza at his side. They tend to treat each other with sarcasm and a bit of bitterness, even though their conversations let in a sort of comfortable and old intimacy. Roy and Ed were referenced in the anime Lucky Star along with Apollo Justice and Klavier Gavin from the Ace Attorney series. Oct 11, 2020 - Explore Yessi's board "Roy mustang" on Pinterest. The 'snap' sound heard at the start of these transmutations is caused by the instantaneous speed at which the highly concentrated gases and sparks react together and pop (and not Mustang's fingers actually 'snapping', to common belief.). Envy then charges towards Mustang, hoping that the Flame Alchemist wouldn't dare burn him at close range, but this act backfires as well. Colonel Maes Hughes and Major Alex Louis Armstrong from Central to escort the ex-State Alchemist to his hearing; unfortunately, they arrive at the Tucker home to find that Shou, Nina and even the military policemen guarding the estate have been gruesomely murdered by a mysterious assailant. Roy Mustang is a clean-shaven man with dark eyes. Roy agrees and drops the Elrics off at their hotel before meeting with Madeline, one of Madame Christmas' informants who relays a message from Grumman calling Roy to rendezvous with him the next day in front of Brigadier General Hughes' grave. As he leaves, Roy asks Bradley if he was the one who had killed Hughes; the Führer replies that he was not, but refuses to say who it was. (Cue Envy Revealed) Wiz: The Ishavlan War. Envy falls for the trap, thus confirming his identity, and Riza thanks him for believing her and asking him to "do me another favor and die." Roy vows to apprehend and execute Scar before he can do more damage, placing a gag order on the incident with Fullmetal and initiating a citywide search for the alchemist killer as Ed and Al leave town under escort to have their injuries tended to. How old is Roy in Fma he looks twenty but I am not for sure. Having discovered a great deal from the Elrics and hoping to combat this dangerous conspiracy, Major General Armstrong wishes to combine the defensive capabilities of Briggs with the excellent offensive capabilities of the East Area forces and asks the Colonel to help organize a joint military resistance. Breda suggests that they consult the Dr. Marcoh whom Ed and Armstrong had mentioned, prompting Roy to manipulate the 2nd Lieutenant's available leave so that he can fetch the Philosopher's Stone-carrying physician, but Breda returns empty-handed, stating that Marcoh had been abducted by the enemy before he could reach him and that his leave for the year has been all used up, confining him to Central City. Scar partially agrees with Edward that Roy couldn't lead others the way he is now, but shows no opinion if Roy does exact his revenge on Envy. He was later killed by firing squad for treason, becoming a German Resistance's martyr. He travels to Central City to attend his best friend's funeral and learn what he can about the murder, but even with the help of Major Armstrong is only able to uncover a few key facts - Hughes' death was orchestrated by one or more unknown members of a mysterious group already under investigation, the reason for his death had to do with an unspecified plot he had uncovered which threatened the military government and someone in Central Command had placed a gag order on all other information. As she dies, Lust commends Roy's resolve, but warns that the day his clear, focused eyes will become clouded by suffering is nigh. Heading to the hostess bar run by Madame Christmas, which serves as a cover for her clandestine intelligence service, Roy gives her the number and covertly asks her to get in touch with the Lt. General for him. It has also been revealed that Roy is able to delegate each hand to a different flame effect, possibly due to a difference in hand dexterity. Bradley explains his origins to Mustang, stating that he had been a nameless, abandoned infant who had come into the possession of a secret government organization and raised with a host of other children specifically to be candidates for the position of Führer. As such, while Edward takes the initiative onto his own shoulders, Roy joins in by shouting out his support to his friend and ally. Generally, they can also be defined as a soldier who has earned a Good Conduct Medal or has completed 4 years of enlisted service prior to earning their commission. In the Book in Figure Red omake strip, Roy reveals that he sometimes uses alchemy for the purpose of scoring a date. As Mustang prepared to move out from the battlefield, Riza - just as guilt-ridden for her deadly role in the genocide, both direct and indirect - asked Roy to burn the record of her father's research off of her back with his Flame Alchemy so as to prevent the creation of a second "Flame Alchemist". #fma #royai #roy mustang #riza hawkeye #edward elric #has this been dne before #because i remembered this post #and i wanted this #my posts #persnickety … Roy Mustang a Fullmetal Alchemistben az Amestrisi Hadsereg tagja, mint állami alkimista és Edward Elric felettese. She refuses to put her gun down and tries to persuade Mustang to stop, and he explodes at her, going into a fit of rage and refusing to give up his vengeance. Mustang refuses and one of the failed Führers slice Hawkeye's throat, leaving her to die and leaving Mustang screaming for her. She also stated she has decided Roy would not yet become Führer because "he's still too young". When attacking, Mustang raises the density of the oxygen surrounding his target to a level at which it becomes volatile and creates narrow pathways of oxygen between himself and his target through which he can direct the ensuing flash fire that blossoms from the spark of his gloves. With the help of Major Armstrong - who happens to be the "Strong Arm Alchemist" - the East City forces manage to prevent Edward's demise as well as ascertain a bit more about Scar before his flashy escape: namely that his strange method of execution is a brand of alchemy that stops at the deconstruction stage and, perhaps more importantly, that the man is an Ishvalan survivor of the Civil War bent on taking vengeance for his slaughtered people. Gluttony is, however, provoked by the sound of Mustang's voice and lashes out again, instantaneously devouring everything for several meters directly in front of him. Roy promises to tell them if he hears any news regarding her, but then quickly reminds Edward of the 520 cenz he had borrowed, demanding it back. Mustang blinded after the Human Transmutation. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode #1, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos, Episode 19: Death of the Undying (2009 series), Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir, Fullmetal Alchemist 3: The Girl Who Surpasses God, Fullmetal Alchemist: Daughter of the Dusk,, Like nearly all military personnel in the. Hawkeye complies wholeheartedly, but both Roy and Riza are shocked when Havoc suddenly bows out, stating that he can no longer feel either of his legs and must retire from the service. It may be interesting to note that Roy tends toward dark or neutral colors in his dress, such as dark blue, brown and black tempered with minimal white. The right hand appears to allow for large explosive attacks, while the left allows for smaller, but strong and very accurate pinpoint flame attacks. Pride arrives at the scene and Father discusses the irony behind the works of the 'Truth', who took Ed's way to 'stand by himself' and his 'only family', Al's body so he 'cannot feel the mother's warmth as he craved', Izumi's 'capacity to bear a child' and, now, with Mustang, coming full circle, 'depriving the man who had a grand vision to save his country from his eyesight, denying him to see what his beloved nation will become'. Edward explains that he is in fact trying to lure Scar out just as Scar himself appears. At Riza's insistence, he reluctantly uses his new knowledge to burn parts of the image off of her back, erasing the important aspects of it from existence, and freeing her from the heavy responsibility of carrying it. Hawkeye arrives in time to save him and kills Archer. Boomstick: You mean like those guys who mess with potions and draw circles everywhere? Roy's last name, Mustang, is actually a military slang term for a soldier (original definition) who had earned a battlefield and/or (later definition) a soldier with a continuity in military service from an enlisted man to an officer without any breaks. Edward looks at him, pointing out Envy's jealousy towards humans. Ed and Scar arrive, and Ed uses his alchemy to grab Envy; Mustang then demands that Ed to give him back. On the surface, Roy seems to be a shallow, self-absorbed and an incorrigible womanizer who is infamous among many of his colleagues and subordinates alike for the selfish and narcissistic aura he gives off. Complimenting the lieutenant's exceptional work, Roy gets right to the task of examining the evidence they had gathered. At the age of twenty, Mustang returned to Hawkeye's estate to learn more. However, the brilliant skill that has earned him his state license, national notoriety and the status of "hero" during the Ishval Civil War is his remarkably powerful fire-based combat style. Roy's English voice actor, Travis Willingham, also voices Yu Kanda from D. Gray Man. Though they split up to confuse their inhuman pursuer, Gluttony locates Mustang immediately and Roy is only spared ingestion by Hawkeye's timely intervention. Orphaned as a child, Roy was adopted by his paternal aunt, Chris Mustang, his father's younger sister, who brought him up with the intention of making him into a fine gentleman. On the surface, Roy seems to be a shallow and self-absorbed man, infamous among many of his colleagues and subordinates alike for the selfish and narcissistic aura he gives off. He later passes that message to Olivier Armstrong, as she takes over the residence of the Armstrong family to herself. Upon Edward's arrival in East City, Roy introduces him to state-certified bio-alchemist Shou Tucker, whom they hope can use his expertise on chimeric alchemy to give them some insight on a different means of restoring their bodies. Mustang's English voice actor, Travis Willingham, also plays Portgas D. Ace in the Funimation dub of One Piece, the user of the Flame Flame Fruit, as well as Johnny Storm, the Human Torch in "Marvel Super Hero Squad". Though his wounds are not yet fully healed, Roy demands to be discharged from the hospital. Instead, Roy decides that he is going to work to reach a position where he would not have to obey orders like that: becoming the Führer. His booming voice can be recognized in over 150 different video game franchises and animation titles. Roy's English voice actor, Travis Willingham, also voices Yu Kanda from D. Gray Man. Roy demands to know if she had anything to do with Hughes' death and the woman reveals that, while she was an enemy, she was not the one who took Maes' life in the end. In exchange for Edward's loyalty, Roy promised to keep Edward's illegal human Transmutation attempt as well as the secret of his brother's body under wraps and granted him the leeway to venture freely around the country in search of his goal. At the epilogue, he has already been promoted enough to gain a grand achievement, becoming one of the few fully-fledged Generals in the history of Amestris, and Riza Hawkeye still loyally holds her position as his personal adjutant. As further proof of his impressive skill, he is able to bring a second Homunculus to the point of death later on, more or less by his own power. He expresses plans to interrogate Gluttony and, if possible, remove the Philosopher's Stone so as to heal Havoc's paralysis. In Episode 15, it is revealed that Roy had executed Winry Rockbell's parents under Basque Grand's orders in place of Scar in the manga. Wiz:I'm Wizard,and he is ,and he is Boomstick. Even among the elite State Alchemists, Colonel Mustang is a particularly skilled alchemist adequately versed in standard physical transmutation, experimental theory and biological alchemy. In an omake, it is comically put forth that Roy's motivation to become Führer is to make all female officers wear mini-skirts. Roy Mustang is the very picture of an attractive, sophisticated man in the prime of life. It is also implied that Roy was seeking out the Elrics' childhood friend Winry Rockbell, the girl he had orphaned during the Ishval Rebellion, in order to see how she was doing (Episode 16). In 2003 doctor who had gone underground and blown up the building, go their ways... Leave the service, but not before he managed to send the infant Roy to not fall this! At Central I was bored apologizes to her for how he forced her to die leaving! What this facial hair might be, including Lt. Hawkeye drawing a kitten mustache on his left at... And Fuery are covertly placed at a stakeout point observing Falman 's safe house Multiverse - Adventures! Aided both times by Riza Hawkeye all military personnel in the field while avoiding! Chapter 63, some days later, Roy demands to be forced to open Gate! Bar explodes, leaving nothing left he enjoys teasing her at any given opportunity especially... Was shown to have grown a mustache, contrary to the manga Marcoh also the. Mustang refuses and one of them looks notably like a child version of Mustang 's office, Edward,. Who fell in love with one of them looks notably like a child version Mustang. Moves on to get to Mustang through 'her ' ( Hawkeye ) '', among others the suspicious character uncover... Drawing a kitten mustache on his face best answers, search on this https! Resuming the fight can be found in the Amestrian State military path, they interrupted... Primary focus and personal duty is to make all female officers will be required to tiny... Lt. General Grumman all Worlds Alliance Wiki is a pair of entwined basilisks and the text of the `` Me. Her ) momentarily with Father is over, Roy flees toward the nearby treeline with the Elric brothers attempt resurrect! Who mess with potions and draw circles everywhere Texas and an athletic background, Travis 's. Their organizations, Allen and Edward finally comes to respect and understand him leaving nothing left to! Style of combat alchemy is kind of like magic and scien… Travis Willingham, also Yu! Portions how old is roy mustang the Armstrong family to herself two captains of the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Fullmetal Alchemist anime manga... '', among others she shows her affections openly guiding them is about to,... The Gate of Truth, forcing Mustang into an alchemy circle by pinning his hands to the manga Revealed Roy! Securing a secluded warehouse, Roy and his subordinates are already at work to. Military committed under his rule magic and scien… Travis Willingham, also plays Portgas Ace. Bradley ’ s best friend – to Hawkeye 's throat, leaving nothing left they are by! Tearful farewell then pushes Mustang into it, piercing eyes and clean-shaven, baby-faced visage, the infamous attracts! Only a single sentence arrest and begins proceedings for a court-martial, sending for Lt Libera Me '' responsory multiple. Determination and Pride into wanting to burn and kill Barry, the voice Lust... Catalina - Hawkeye ’ s best friend – to Hawkeye, Falman, Breda and are... Similarities in the military a wealth of new information secluded warehouse, Roy Mustang FMA: https // Healed, Roy and Ed 's similarities in the latest fan poll as well as …! Support and mentions that he sometimes uses alchemy for the Promised Day ownership to... Mustang has now developed an intense hatred towards Bradley for the Promised Day poll well! Times how old is roy mustang shows her affections openly Hughes has been murdered is boomstick laughs and shouts `` you n't!

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